What Now?

We’re back in business or are we?

These are “interesting times.” Leaving aside the very real health and societal issues, we are still faced with the need to keep our businesses running. For some this is all about survival and for others it represents amazing new opportunities. The one constant is the level of uncertainty about what is coming next and what to do.  We recommend that our clients do these three things to better navigate the “interesting” times.

 1. Conduct a Content Audit – Fundamentally, you need to review your messaging strategy and determine how well all your communication channels line up with your core strategy. Put another way – are you saying what you want to say in a way that the recipient wants to receive it and can understand. Very often we all fall victim to what we call “speak” as characterized by:

  • Techno-babble
  • Speaking to yourself instead of your customer
  • Lack of clarity
  • Using language that has come to have a different contextual meaning

Clients find it very useful to have an impartial review of what their communications are actually delivering compared to what they believe is being communicated.

  • 2. Focus on ROI – For many clients, budgets have been impacted and the value of every marketing investment, from advertising to data to staff is under scrutiny. Look to see if there are more efficient or more effective ways to improve value regardless of your definition of the “return.”

    3. Communicate More – All of your customers are living through the same uncertainty that you are. Make sure you are positioning yourself to rapidly respond when conditions improve or continue to take advantage of the situation you are presently in. The only way to do that is to effectively communicate to your audience including customers, suppliers and prospects. Remember that acquiring new customers is much more expensive than retaining the ones you have now. Consider adding a blog, email newsletter, social media channel or additional web content to help inform and nurture your audience.

    Need help? We can:

    • Review your content strategy or help you create one
    • Conduct a Content Audit complete with recommendations for improvement.
    • Analyze your current digital marketing efforts and recommend ways to optimize your spending and maximize your return.
    • Create new communications for your prospects, customers and partners including lead generation and sales funnel programs.

    Let’s talk about your business.

    Bob Wagner

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