About Us

Nimble Worldwide began in 2008 when founders Ed Bardwell and Bob Wagner saw an opportunity to combine emerging marketing technology with traditional marketing to create superior impact. Ever since, we have been applying marketing technology to create positive engagement and generate positive ROI.

Over the years we have watched as the marketing universe continues to evolve and have changed along with it. The biggest change is how the power in the marketing relationship has continued to move towards the buyer/customer and away from the seller/brand.

Great content is the central foundation for marketing and we have evolved Nimble to deliver it. Our ambition has taken a not so subtle turn to helping our client’s customers buy more products.

This all comes from the fact that customers and buyers are more in control of the conversation than ever before and marketing needs to provide opportunities for them to engage on their terms and in their locations. Fundamentally, this makes Content Marketing central to everything. Nimble is answering the Content challenge with:

• Strategy
• Delivery channels
• Content development
• Measurement and analysis
• SaaS Digital Marketing platform

We believe that Content powered by digital marketing is the key to long -term success. In fact, we believe this so strongly that in 2017 we acquired Rainmaker Digital services to help us deliver it. RMDS is a full service content marketing company and the SaaS provider of the Rainmaker Platform. Rainmaker Platform delivers a complete suite of digital marketing applications that allow businesses to focus on their marketing not the technology. Rainmaker Platform is offered on a subscription basis and is often combined with other marketing services from RMDS/Nimble.

Nimble will continue to evolve to help clients realize their marketing objectives by developing authority and trust for their products and services.

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