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We are back in business – Now What?!?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re happy, relieved and nervous that the business world is coming back to life. You are excited about reengaging with customers and getting back to running your business. But, things are definitely going to be a bit different for a while. Whether your business has remained open or you are re-opening here are some things you should do now.

Back in Business Checklist

  1. Let your customers know that you are open and share any changes to your hours. If you are not opening now let your customers know what your plans are and do not assume that they know.
  2. Change how you operate – adjust staffing levels, hours and affirm your commitment to social spacing and sanitation. Even simple masking tape spacing on your floor provides an “overt” demonstration of your “responsible” changes that are now required.
  3. Build messaging around why your business is important and how it helps customers and the community. This is not the time to lead with a promotional offer. Give people a deal but this is about service and maintaining “normalcy” not a BOGO.
  4. Build your relationships with your customers by sharing your story and valuable information with them. You, your products and services, and your story are WHY people do business with you. Use a blog, email, social media or advertising to share your story. This is an opportunity to build relationships, not just loyalty and even attract new customers.
  5. Think about other ways to service your clients.
    • What can you sell online or facilitate over the internet?
    • How can you modify your services? Can you offer pick-up and/or delivery?
    • Can you partner with other essential businesses?
    • Are there future orders or reservations that you can offer?
    • Can you create a new product or service to separate you from the competition?
    • Here are some real -world examples for you:
      • A movie theater created a drive-in by projecting the movie on the wall of their parking lot.
      • A steak restaurant is selling fresh meat and vegetables at grocery store prices.
      • Manufacturers have repurposed their production lines to make medical safety equipment.
      • Personal trainers, yoga instructors and fitness experts of all types have moved online and are offering classes for free or by subscription.
  6. Plan your next steps to recover and build your business.

NOW is the time to act! We can help you.

  • Share your story without being tone deaf
  • Attract business
  • Build better customer relationships
  • Develop new options
  • Be ready to move forward when this storm passes

Let’s talk about your business.

Bob Wagner


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